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Graviola Cancer Benefits

Graviola Cancer Benefits

Graviola, a cancer cure? It’s is a powerful herb, which derives from the Amazon Rainforest and many people who are combating cancer are using this natural herbal medicine as an aid.

The indigenous peoples from the Amazon jungle call it the miracle tree. Reviews reveal that it has an effect on the actual cancer cells, which can be of great benefit to someone who is fighting cancer, however to what extent?

Scientific Information – The Facts

Scientists have come a long way in the last 40 years in acquiring additional information regarding how otherwise healthy cells become cancerous, however very little of that knowledge has converged over to modern treatments. Much of the time, doctors are forced to depend on standard chemotherapy and radiation, which often can do as much damage to the patients as they to the tumors.

Since the 1940’s, the tree has been under examination. In 1976, the National Cancer Institute conducted research on Graviola and the research concluded with amazing results.

Another experiment was conducted by Purdue University’s School of Pharmacy and Pharmacal Sciences in 1998, which confirmed findings in which two of the compounds showed what scientist refer to as “significant” anti-cancer activities against 6 human cancer cells, including prostate and pancreatic cancers.

The leaves of the plant were successful in destroying malignant cancer cells. Perdue University’s examinations on cancer cells of prostate, pancreas and lungs have all shown outstanding results as well.

Graviola Leaves

Graviola Leaves

Further Research

Another recent study by the Catholic University in South Korea has exposed that the active ingredients have ´selective cytoxicity´ comparable with Adriamycin, a drug that in the past that has been used for breast and colon cancer. A study from South Korea showed that, unlike Adriamycin, there was no harmful activity on healthy cells. An additional study from Purdue (1997) stated that many cancer cells, which survive classic chemotherapy by developing resistance to chemicals, were attacked none-the-less by the included agents.

Further studies have investigated the chemical effects of the leaves and fruit in laboratory examinations. In many examinations, the results were actually safer and stronger than the chemotherapy.

Natural Supplements Verses Standard Chemotherapy

Unlike most chemotherapy drugs, the herbal supplement did not damage any healthy cells, only the carcinogenic cells, and with this organic alternative, there are no side effects of hair loss or nausea, as are the side effects to chemotherapy. In many cases it relieves depression, kills viruses, reduces fevers, expels worms, stimulates digestion and stops convulsions.

Buy Only 100% Pure Unaltered Extract

There are many retailers marketing the extract with unwanted man-made synthetics, additives and fillers. Do not fall for these altered supplements! Most of the products readily available contain significantly less Graviola Extract then Amazon Thunder. In order to fully comprehend what is in the products you buy, PLEASE READ THE LABEL! Labels should include 3,000mg of pure, unaltered Graviola Leaves and Fruit.

Graviola Extract - Click To Read The Label

Click To Read The Label

  • 100% Organic Certified
  • 100% Kosher Certified
  • 100% Pure
  • 100% Preservative Free
  • 100% Additive Free
  • 100% USDA Organic
  • No Sugar Added
  • No Preservatives
  • No Water Added
  • Undiluted
  • Amazon Rain Forest Nutraceuticals
No Additives Or Fillers

No Preservatives

The significance of no flow agents, additives or fillers. Consumer beware of any kind of nutritional supplement capsule or tablet that contains magnesium stearate, silica, stearic acid or calcium stearate. Hydrogenating cottonseed or palm oil creates these types of flow agents.

These types of agents are being used all through the supplements market as lubricants to accelerate manufacturing. They build up within your body and will reduce absorption as much as 75% and are of zero benefit. These flow agents furthermore include substantial levels of pesticides and herbicides.

Stearic acid, which makes up in excess of half of the volume in magnesium stearate has been identified in in-vitro lab research to inhibit T-cel function. Magnesium stearate has been discovered to result in allergic symptomology in some people.

Trust Your Health With The Best

Top quality comes at a cost. With Amazon Thunder, you get what you pay for. Presently, there are traditional pretender club store goods and cheap fakes (additional organizations boast of being the very best, however offer no certifications or qualifications to back them up).

Amazon Thunder are the genuine innovators of this marketplace, family owned and operated as well as OU Kosher, Quality Assurance International (QAI) organic certified and meet the USDA National Organic Program requirements for organic qualification.

Unmatched by anyone else, Amazon Thunder genuinely is in a category of its own. You can buy with confidence.

Only Amazon Thunder products are 100% organic, 100% kosher and 100% additive, filler and flow agent free.

Giving Back

3% of Amazon Thunder’s raw material purchases coming from the Amazon goes towards conservation endeavors in the Amazon and supply education and learning as well as clothing to local neighborhoods throughout the Amazon by means of an Amazonas SOS fund co-operative program.

100% of the genuine Amazon ingredients inside Amazon Thunder goods are additionally Fair Trade Certified and 100% sustainably harvested.

Graviola is indeed a miraculous herbal finding within the rainforest. For many, many years it has been commonly utilized by the local populace to stop numerous health conditions and health problems. Graviola continues to be identified for the capabilities to fight cancers cells, destroy microbe infections, germs and bloodsuckers (parasites), in addition to lower blood stream pressure, relaxed nerves, and stop despression symptoms. It’s made Graviola vitally important and treasured in natural natural medicine.

The actual clinical experiments regarding Graviola began inside the nineteen forties and they are nonetheless going forward. The final results through the first researchers have exhibited the actual plant’s antispasmodic (helps prevent as well as relieves fits or drawback resulting in withdrawal leading to convulsions), hypotensive (minimizes bloodstream pressure), cardiotonic (balances performing associated with heart), and also vasodilator attributes. The actual additional scientific studies associated with Graviola extract have verified it’s healthful attributes. Additionally, Graviola is believed to becoming a great anti-fungal agent (damages fungus parasitic spores). The plant seeds are widely used to kill parasites. Another review demonstrated the leaves to operate in opposition towards malaria.

In ’97 they found the fruit to possess some fresh alkaloids in the Graviola fruit. These chemical compounds could be successful mao inhibitors, nevertheless simultaneously specialists will not advise eating too much of the fresh fruit, considering that the compounds may be neurotoxic as well as cause atypical Parkinson’s illness.

There’s without a doubt that the outcomes with the technological studies mentioned above are important. Nevertheless, researchers around the world care more about the anti-cancerous and anti-tumor characteristics of Graviola. Exploring this particular Graviola potential started throughout 1976, when a seed screening program, started through the National Cancers Institute, discovered high action involving Graviola leaves to fight most cancers tissues. Yet another research study followed the initial test as well as, therefore, the study has found some substances to generally be known as annonaceous acetogenins. These substances eventually were found to utilize strong anti-cancerous as well as anti-tumor characteristics.

Acetogenins are understood to reduce selected procedures that will happen primarily within cancer malignancy tissues. Acetogenins destroy cancerous tissue, and avoid healthy cells. Moreover, the researchers in the Purdue Higher education launched the assertion within The mid nineties, proclaiming that acetogenins had the capability to kill dangerous tissues that did not answer to traditional anti-cancer remedies. Graviola annonaceous acetogenins demonstrate great results for treating intestines, breasts, lungs, ovarian, prostate related, lymphoma, pancreatic, along with cervical cancers. Acetogenins tend to be said for being 10,000 times stronger throughout most cancers of the colon as compared to traditional adriamycin medication.

Numerous researches have previously demonstrated higher effectiveness of Graviola as a anti-cancerous and anti-tumor agent, yet we still require an increased number of inside vivo studies. Presently, technicians are trying to synthesize annonaceous acetogenins and make a brand new risk-free drug. Nevertheless, several cancer malignancy patients will not hold off for the ultimate outcomes of Graviola research and are choosing to consider Graviola ingredients from various kinds of nutritional supplements.

As discussed, Graviola, just a little sapling from the rainforest, shows fantastic recovery features and may also be used as a substitute or complimentary herbal supplement for many severe conditions.

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