Mar 272011
Graviola Benefits

Graviola Benefits

There are numerous Graviola benefits when it comes to taking Graviola Extract.

Just about every part of the tree is used. The leaves are brewed for the purpose of discharging mucus and soothe inflamed mucus membranes. Many that have diabetes use the bark, roots and leaves in efforts to stabilize blood sugar.

The leaves are also used for arthritis and rheumatism as well as used as a remedy to treat liver disease, coughs and flu.

For many, it has effectively revolutionized the fight against cancer. Many experiments over the years have proved to show anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties and have showed to be active against malaria. In addition, this natural, organic herbal remedy can also be used as a sedative, treat heart conditions.

In short, the benefits are as follows:

kills cancer cells relieves depression
slows tumor growth reduces spasms
kills bacteria kills viruses
kills parasites reduces fever
sedates expels worms
lowers heart rate stimulates digestion
boosts immune stops convulsions
dilates blood vessels reduce blood pressure

As you can see, the benefits are plentiful in the positive effects of various areas of health related issues. This is a natural remedy that is definitely worth looking into!

There are many people selling this supplement with added synthetics. Do not fall for these altered supplements. Learn where to buy Graviola.

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